The Midway at dusk

The Midway after sunset

Detail of "The Arrow"

Detail 'The Wagon Wheel"

Detail of 'The Hexagon"

Detail of "The Scooter"

Detail of "The Pointer"

The Midway video

The Midway 2022

The Midway is a free standing light based installation that further explores the carnival aesthetic found in my work. The piece takes a series of differing components sifted from the variation of overlapping visual experiences found on a carnival midway and locks them together as a complete landscape of their own while still democratically allowing each unit to individually compete for the viewers attention and it’s turn to bask them in a warm blanket of electric joy.

14' tall x 33' long
Plywood, Lumber, sheet metal. acrylic sheeting, incandescent lighting, LED lighting, latex paint, micro-controllers, electronic relays